Invest in the Health and Welfare of your staff

Improve your company’s productivity with our Corporate Training -

`Living & Loving Life`


Effective and prosperous organisations value their employees and understand that their wellbeing and health is an essential component to their company’s success.

You can create a culture of health and fitness at your workplace with Women’s Fitness For All`s Corporate Fitness Training and watch your team’s productivity and morale soar, along with their health and commitment to you.


Research shows that companies that invest in corporate fitness training have a reduced staff turnover and healthier, happier, and more productive workforce who will take fewer sick days than their unfit coworkers.


Why are more and more employers providing corporate group fitness classes for workplaces? Because these programs motivate your employees to stay fit and healthy which, in turn, saves the employer money by reducing absenteeism.

Fit and healthier employees also have improved mental health and happier healthier attitudes, which translates to better workplace morale and outlook.

Employees that are proactive, healthy and exercise enjoy an increase in job satisfaction, more so than workers that don’t do any exercise.

The Australian Beyond Blue, depression initiative, promotes regular exercise and physical activity as a way to reduce stress and anxiety, and to help in the prevention of, and recovery from, depression.


Corporate Fitness Training also improves teamwork and helps turn groups of individual workers into cohesive teams more focused on tackling the challenges as a collective.


I can help you decide which fitness program is most appropriate for your staff, with tailored exercise sessions to suit staff of all fitness levels, ages and walks of life.


As a company you benefit by:


  • Happier and healthy staff, therefore reduced Workers Compensation premiums

  • An increased in employee productivity

  • Healthier attitudes to the workplace

  • Increased recruitment potential

  • Reduced absenteeism and staff turnover

  • A strong sense of camaraderie, ownership and solidarity


`Living and Loving Life` - includes:


  • Two to three Group Personal training sessions a week at an agreed time and place which can entail group boxing, stretching cardio and strength workouts that are fun, interactive, team building activities and provide maximum fat loss.

  • A suggested fact based basic nutrition plan for the group that speeds results from exercise.

  • A weekly recipe suggestion




Our corporate `Living and loving Life` can also provide


  • Health talks and/or morivational on various topics.

  • A Corporate newsletter just for your group


At Women’s Fitness For All - have vast experiences in helping people of all fitness levels and to safely improve their health via group training, individual personal training and corporate fitness training programs. - all in your workplace if required


It’s inexpensive, It’s attainable and Its available. It’s a must for any organisation serious about looking after their people.


Contact us today about how we can design and provide a program that will be embraced within your organisation by your employees, via Contact Us, email or phone 0404177077 during business hours.