If You Want Results: Stop the BS

If You Want Results: Stop the BS

We are all at times in denial about something or another. But self-deception is a different story; telling falsehoods to yourself, is simply a self-encouraged false-belief, created to meet your own needs via an excuse.

The Health & Fitness Little Lies We Tell Ourselves

We often lie to ourselves about why we can’t make it to training or our lack of results; I’ve listed some reasons, excuses or justifications below, which one(s) are yours?:

  • Weight loss - If we want to lose weight, you may assert you eat healthy, but ask yourself, `have your eating habits haven't changed enough to make change happen? `

  • Kids or Family – instead of them being your excuse, try to be their example on working hard for what you want.

  • Work - work is not an excuse, it is part of life, get organised.

  • Effort - Ask yourself, do you max out in effort when you’re at our WFFA sessions? Do you find ways to make it harder or easier?

  • Form - When training with us, how’s your form? Do you do full motion, do you carry out the exercise the exact way that you have been shown, or find a version that suits you?

  • Age - Using your age as a reason to back off, is you simply getting tired of working hard toward goals, instead try this, ‘Regardless of my age, if I want it bad enough, I can have it, i will do what it takes’ - turn thoughts into actions, as long as we repeat it to ourselves over and over. Eventually it becomes out reality.

  • Extravagances - I worked out, so I deserve a treat. No amount of exercise will overcome a bad diet, you’ve heard it, you know it.

  • Indulgence - If you do indulge during your downtime, then be sure to make up for it in the following days.

  • Genetics - Some research does show a genetic link to obesity, but in most cases, lifestyle trumps genetics. `It's often a cultural inheritance more than a physical one`. Teach your kids to eat well and in the right portions.

  • Advisors - Don’t listen or take advice from anyone that is not traveling your path with you or for you.

Why do these day-to-day little white lies matter?

Because they are preventing us from being self-aware, from being truthful. They stop us from taking appropriate and consistent actions.

A Call for Self-Awareness

If you want results, then the first step is to have a serious and honest look at yourself. You need self-awareness before you can achieve self-improvement.

Stop the white lies and stop the procrastinating, by considering these science-backed ways to stick to good habits therefore get results.

Honestly evaluate how well you’ve been following your diet and fitness plans. Did you consider the size of your meal portions? Have you missed the WFFA Saturday morning Metafit because you “don’t feel like it” or “the dog ate your car keys”? If so, you know what variations you need to make to start getting weight loss or fitness gains.

The key to getting results is perseverance. If you are trying to lose the weight, bear in mind you put the weight on over time, therefore require time to lose it.

Acknowledge it is going to be a journey that will take patience, commitment and sound decision making day-in-day-out.

No amount of excuses, poor form, doing your own thing at WFFA sessions or listening to the wrong people will help your journey.

Please remember, recognise and accept – exercise is not a means to an end, nor is it a short-term fix, `it’s a lifestyle`. Which literally means `the way in which a person lives. `

In closing I say this: knuckle down, be consistent in effort, get results and instead of offering excuses…start being `Proud of Yourself` – live without the BS.

Eleonora Hawkins

Proud Owner and Operator by Women’s Fitness For All

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