Outing the Gym Scams

Outing the Gym Scams

The fitness industry in Australia is worth more then 2 billion dollars a year. Every year 75% of Australians are considering joining a gym. We all want to get fit, stay fit.

But did you now fitness centres have been topping the list of consumer complaints since 2015.

The top grievances are:

  • Contracts

  • Verbal promises not matching delivered services

  • Gradual fee increases, upsell and cross-sell programs

  • Discontinued or changed services

  • Management intimidation and staff pressure to sign up for more services

To confirm my `outing` watch a program hosted by Tom Harrington, who investigates the sneaky charges and over-billing that plagues the gym industry. Tom uncovers an unsettling and startling percentage of frustrated gym goers are getting ripped off.

I have personal issues with and find it particularly sad on how gyms routinely and deliberately diminish and devalue our self-worth.

Despite our current commitment and membership they want more from us, more commitment translates to more money for them – its called ` the upsell` “If you don’t sign on for more services you wont` get the results your looking for”

They Try to Disguise the Total Price

The average gym membership is around $75 per month, their trick here is they will get you to pay weekly or fortnightly this costs you more in the long run. That’s nearly $900 a year for the privilege of walking through the front door. Which by the way has changed to a fancy waiting room come reception area, even the looks of these entrances are a psychological ploy; apparently the casual customer gets intimidated by loud machines and hefty looking equipment, so they hide it from view. Instead, they will have a swank welcome lobby that makes you feel like you're in a relaxing hotel.

Gyms operate on turn over. They can only fit so many people on the floor at once. Their goal is to get you signed up as a paying customer.

Then they’ll hound and pester you in order to get as much of your business as possible. You’re on their database not for free stuff, not for free advice or encouraging words; do they contact you when you’re sick or when your little ones aren’t feeling well? Of course not, but they will ring with upsells, and your definitely on their radar when your membership is due.

The Nightmare Contract

Gym contracts are not consumer-friendly. They are overpriced and unfriendly. Most gyms will not allow you to pay a full year’s membership up front in cash. That’s because the money is in the contract being paid fortnightly.

Gyms make money by selling as many contracts as they can – each extra member is pure profit, with nothing more provided. If you've ever signed up for a gym membership, but didn't end up going that often, then you are the ideal customer.

Gyms are like the Hotel California: you can checkout, but you can never leave - Getting out of a gym membership is a total nightmare. Go through the right channel by cancelling your membership in writing and chances are you will still be charged that monthly fee, month after month after month. Even when your membership reaches its end, it’s likely that your charges will keep coming out. In a recent study, 39% of gym users stated that they had been over-charged by their gym so scrutinize your bank statement every month. Gyms are notorious for throwing in random charges over the course of the month. Give them your account details at your own peril.

We sign up, and cant wriggle out of any of the contract terms from our end; but they can change the service, they can change instructors, opening times, session times and even fees - You deserve better than that.

The Dreaded Selfie

The researchers have found that people, who post gym selfies, and a lot of statuses about their workout regimen and diet, suffer from narcissism.

Exercise is not about other gym goer’s nor should it be about gym owners and their personal fitness successes or boasts – it is and should always be about you and your unique journey.

They Find Our Emotional Weak Spot
Their marketing ploys deliberately empty our `self-worth` cup, and then refill it. They imply that there is something wrong with you that needs to be fixed by their product.

The fashion industry does it to us women day-in-day-out… without their product we are not good enough or pretty enough; `empty the cup to fill the cup`

The WFFA Way

We don’t have contracts, have no hidden fee`s, and we call you as a friend would. At WFFA we exercise together, we encourage each other, we sweat and laugh together, we catch-up and we coffee up… but most of all were real women and there for each other.

WFFA offer an honest passage towards a new committed you –OK it wont always be easy, but it will be worth it.

I’m here to tell you - “Your perfect the way you are, but if you want to lose a few kilos, maintain a healthy lifestyle and make a few friends along the way, then join us; join real ladies travelling their journey“

Eleonora Hawkins

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