Its time to put yourself first…It starts with saying `its all about me`.

Its time to put yourself first…It starts with saying `its all about me`.

In a recent interview Michelle Obama said, “She makes herself her first priority”. When asked if that could be seen as selfish, she remarked: “It’s practical… a lot of times we slip pretty low on our own priority list because we’re so busy caring for everyone else. One of the things that I want to model for my girls is investing in themselves as much as they invest in others.”

Putting yourself first doesn’t mean only caring about yourself. It means having a grounded and realistic understanding that you are first and foremost; in this you have to be a secure, sound and whole person before there’s any possibility of lending yourself to anybody or anything else. Women who know how to put themselves first are happier and better-adjusted mothers, partners and people.

Since getting into the women’s health industry some years ago I have noticed the ebb and flow of a lot of ladies commitment to their own fitness – I do understand It is not easy sticking to a regular physical activity routine; there are many obstacles, traps and hitches that want to derail your path - time, money, weather, self-consciousness, work, family, injuries and fatigue, to name a few.

Know these facts about de-training and inactively -

  • 1 week off: Fat loss stops

  • 2 weeks off: Feeling dynamic wanes and your self-esteem decreases

  • 4 weeks off: Your strength will start declining

  • 6 weeks off: Weight gain or waist circumference changes

  • 8 weeks off: You might gain fat, usually by about 12%

Don’t let your health & fitness plans for a wholesome lifestyle get derailed ever again.

The top `de-railers` or excuses we use to skip a session or two.

Children – Solution: Just because you put your health as a priority doesn’t mean you skip your responsibilities and stop loving your children. You’re a mum, a girlfriend or a wife: you’ll always care for others. By being the example you’re empowering yourself and others, you give them permission to also succeed and be responsible for their actions.

WFFA Boot camp and Metafit are both done in the park, next to the playground; we also run a challenging Mums & Bubs class twice a week. Or trade babysitting time with friends. You cannot affect someone else’s reality though ignoring your own needs – you only affect yours.

School holidays – Solution: Creating a positive mindset is the first step in creating long-term success in any area of your life, including your health, fitness and weight loss. By prioritizing what’s really important, and by focusing on your own needs, on `how` you’re going to get it done rather than `what is stopping you`. Be organised, be flexible and `make it happen` look after your mind and body. If you’re going away on vacation then to stay on track with the WFFA `holiday Tabada routine`.

Weekends – Solution: Waiting for the perfect solution to present itself or accepting it isn’t going to happen, is not the answer, smart ladies march onwards, they strive ahead and fix it themselves, they make it happen one way or another. WFFA Metafit Saturday morning is conveniently at 0700 am; Metafit keeps you burning calories all day. Personal Training sessions are also available; burn fat through using weights for shape, share the cost, bring a friend.

Work – Solution: Choosing to be clear about how you should be treated is the only way forward. You don’t just get given respect; you have to earn it and demand it. If you think, “I can work and exercise” then you can. If you think, “I can’t work and exercise” then you can’t. WFFA has early morning options, mid-morning classes and late afternoon sessions, also consider joining one of our PT saving deals.

Family – Solution: Of course, family is very important to anyone in this world. But don’t say that you stopped exercising because of family commitments. You can allocate quality time to spend with your family; just don’t overlap your exercise time with the time you spend with your family. Be the hero of your own story, show your family, your sons and your daughters how important it is to respect yourself and to be respected; be the change and live the change you want for others.

Injuries – Solution: When you are injured, your priority is dealing with your injury, or at the very least, not worsening it. One lesson I've learned over the years is that it is OK to train through pain, but it is never OK to train through a serious injury. So if you are injured, you need to take care of right away before it turns into a chronic problem or gets worse. Of course, small, nagging aches and pains are all part of training and you should definitely tough it out and work through those types of situations.

Impatience – Solution: When you start any new fitness program you need to pace yourself. On any good training regime and sound diet it takes 35 to 45 days of commitment to obtain noticeable results. All healthy routines only involve maximum of one kilo a weight lose, if you try and lose anymore than that you are going to set yourself up for failure or short term `only` lose. By setting mini goals you will feel far more motivated and you see results each week.

No Time – Solution: We find time to watch TV for hours in the evening, go for drinks with friends, and surf social media. One of my favorite strategies is to use the `elimination of decisions` approach. For example schedule workouts beforehand, and treat the schedule as `locked in` (like you would a medical appointment or work). Get ready the day before: pack your training gear, put it in the car, ready the protein shake – eliminate everything that could serve as excuse.

Use PRESETS; for example deal with your excuses with `presets` - a WFFA preset is simply this, “have a preset from the above list, organised in way in which you can deal with or go around any excuse.”

Your daily healthy habits need to become lifestyle; not something you scramble to do when you need to remedy a problem or meet the demands of others. Finding time to take time out and exercise needs to become as routine as brushing your teeth then and only then it becomes preventative. If your health isn’t your priority, it will inevitably slip by the wayside, because you don’t see it as “necessary”.

The second you require someone or something to be any specific way or perfect for you to exercise is the second you hand over control of your life.

Allocate your presets, a time and dates for your exercises, get motivated, eat well, don’t expect major changes quickly, try different types of exercises, and don’t give up for any reason.

Be the changes, live the changes, be an example to those around you, to your family.

Your health is all about YOU. You make it happen for YOU.

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