Solving the weight-loss mystery – is all about honesty

Solving the weight-loss mystery – is all about honesty

Why can’t I lose weight?

Why am I gaining weight, even though I exercise?

Can I change?

Interestingly; look deep in your heart, into your very core, you know the answer to your question above, you know your truth on WHY.

The top 5 five answers excuses given;

1. "I'm big boned" (FACT: no such thing)

2. "I can't help it - it runs in the family!" (FACT: bad diet, bad life style, bad choices, actually runs in the family)

3. "I've got a thyroid / other health problem" i.e. injury (FACT; we all have them)

4. "I've got kids and I just can't get rid of the baby weight" (FACT: no such thing as baby weight after birth, by the way most women have babies too)

5. "I've got a slow metabolism" (FACT: sorry, no such thing unless you slow it down by not doing any exercise or poor eating habits like not eating enough clean food)

Excuses are Excuses

Excuses are cold comfort considering that excess weight can lead to a host of health problems such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes, back and joint pain and stress, hormone issues and fatigue.

Denial or a question unanswered to our advantage, lends itself to holding us back, we don’t learn and go forth.

Stimulatingly a question like; `why can’t I lose weight` - can lead to your core values, the essence of you and what you stand for, to be examined.

On the other hand a candid yet truthful answer, once accepted without excuse and acted on; can lead to your salvation and change.

By doing so, you can be liberated from your circumstance and permitted to dream; to dream of a healthy fit you. To aspire to a new you: an improved proud, honest version of you.

The Truth be Told

Truth, once accepted, allows us to make the appropriate changes, to strive forward, to transform… I need to;

  1. Exercise consistently

  2. Exercise with vigor and honestly, not just turn up and go through the process

  3. Exercise using good form, not find an easy road

  4. Eat healthier and

  5. Be patient

Changing your Habits and Excuses can Help you Slim Down

What will be your pre-Christmas self-talk, what I will be your truth?

Will you prepare for each excuse and counter it? Or will you capitulate?

The top 5 excuses we put our personal health and wellbeing last, in December is.

  1. The kids on holidays

  2. Work

  3. Family holidays

  4. Parties, booze and food

  5. Christmas shopping

Mitigate December’s excuses; take the time to prepare for your battle against the `excuse monster`.

  1. The Kids; Bring them along, be an example to them

  2. Work; Plan, plan, and plan again; WFFA has a session everyday that will fit in with your work

  3. Family holidays; Ask about our members `Holiday Routine`

  4. Parties, booze and food; If you party hard, then offset it, train first!

  5. Christmas shopping; Train early, then shop

In short – Prepare & Prioritise YOU!

In 6 days WFFA offer 9 varied yet healthy exercise sessions, plus personal PT sessions; surely with a little preplanning you can make it…rather than make an excuse?

The WFFA team doesn’t make excuses; they instead become EMPOWERED. We are the example to all women, everywhere.

Lets train and travel our journey right up to and including the 24th of December, its good for the body & the soul… Then back to it, on the 9th January.

Over to YOU!

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