How to be Beautiful and a Badass

How to be Beautiful and a Badass

Q: What is a Beautiful Badass?

A: A woman who is strong, sexy and confident.

A Beautiful Badass is a woman who is committed to being the best version of her-self, she strives to exceed her-self, and she understands that she is never defined by her circumstance… as she knows it is and has always been in her control.

In regards to health and fitness, she is the example to other women and her family, she uses her commitment to exercise to enhance her life and challenge herself.

Health & Fitness is part of her life and yet doesn’t dominate it; she decides when, where and why – being seen in the right fashion and in the right gym isn’t part of her persona.

Her commitment to her health reinforces her resolve and gives her confidence in all parts of her life.

Her commitment is inspiring, empowering and an example for all women to realise; particularly to her daughter, her sister, her mother, her niece, her beautiful friends and her female work colleagues.

No woman can call herself free who does not control her own body.—Margaret Sanger

A `Beautiful Badass` yearns for the daily challenge, for her character building moments to be fitter, stronger, and healthier; she yearns to be a better version of her-self.

She focuses on the reasons `why` to face the daily challenge, rather than `why not`; this is her internal dialogue and creed.

Her confidence comes from within and is the foundation of her commitment to her health & fitness drive.

To be a `Beautiful Badass`; Set yourself clear, performance orientated goals, then focus on the pathways and actions that help your achieve those goals.

Ladies - Stick to your fitness journey, so that you can trust yourself, so that you can trust your word.

In each of your seemingly small commitments and accomplishments towards health, there is a landslide of self-esteem, self-respect and self-worth to be found.

It takes habit and focus to sincerely unshackle your self-worth from the blitz of daily messages asserting your worth is measured by what you weigh, how you look, what size dress you wear – remember this simple but profound message; everyday even the humblest of fitness goals are a great place to start, these daily tasks are evidence that you are traveling your journey.

You only live once, you might as well be a badass every day…

The `Beautiful Badass` is a critical part of the WFFA team and family, she travels her unique fitness journey with me - she is my friend…. She is you.

Relish in your Badass-ness! So that other women may rejoice in all your glory.

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