TIME TO THROW OUT THE SCALES – The time has come ladies, time to throw out those emotional ties you have with your scales, no more up and down in numbers therefore emotions.

This habit or more so ritual of regularly weighing yourself, must stop, this little machine has far too much control on how we may feel about ourselves.

You wake up and It’s a great day, the sun is shining and the birds are singing; you dress then pour yourself a exquisite cup of coffee (ah coffee is our friend), its going to be a great day. Then as always, you make the daily trek for the scales, your morning check on whether your weight is up or down, therefore your mood - subsequently the ritual is repeated at midday and again that night. Exhausting on your self-worth, exasperating on your wellbeing, how tiring.

Think back when you heard the birds chirping in the glorious morning sun, you felt good, you felt fantastic and ready for the challenges of the day. When you chose your favourite summer dress and noticed it fitted comfortably, gone was the tight feel, how it fitted was noticeable and made you feel delighted, happy that your hard work is paying off…. Now its coffee time, followed by the daily weigh in.

Post weigh-in, suddenly your disappointed and frustrated because it doesn’t tell you what you want to hear… now instead of greeting the world with vigour, vitality and lots of hugs – you kick the dog, abuse that annoying person you married and storm off to work slamming the door behind you, you abuse every driver on the road and vow to break the spirit of some new young kid who just started in the office.

Your scale encounter had more anger and rage than a MMA heavy weight pre fight weigh-in.

Seriously what are you thinking the only changes you’ll see is possibly fluid retention or is that time of the month, please be gentle on yourself, your body changes constantly from day to day. Don’t let this little white machines numbers dictate your motivational levels, it time to win back your space.

Let me clear this it up a little further for you with facts.

Rather than the latest and greatest fade diet that exposes losing weight quickly, losing weight and keeping it off is a deliberate precise process: it takes commitment and the ability to get into the day-to-day grind. It`ll require a wholesome, suitable and clean healthy diet with a great exercise plan, and yes in moderation every now again treat yourself to something naughty after all we are only human (ladies when I say naughty I do mean a snack not the other naughty that comes to mind).

Also I’m not giving you permission to have a treat every day.

Rather than use those dreadful scales, feel proud, pleased and satisfied about the way you are FEELING and LOOKING!

Get my main point here please, “it is all about how you `feel and look` - not the number on the scales… your good feel emotions in turn would keep you motivated and on track.”

I have never had scales in my home especially with teenage children around. When they asked me why, I would in turn answer `just look in the mirror and you’ll see how beautiful you are or better still ask me and I’ll tell you`. Basing your personal self worth and value on a number on the scales can be so damaging for teenagers, they can do without the additional pressure.

As parents all we can do is the `right thing` not the `easy thing` we can do this by providing our children with wholesome and morally sound role models. In our house, we eat healthy, exercise regularly and advocate that weight is irrelevant, how we feel and fit into our clothes is.

Having a scale-less life is liberating…

Rather, measure your progress and journey on comments like `wow, your looking good are you exercising`

Ladies, Live Life, Love Life, Feel Good!

Until next time - your friend...... Eleonora

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