This program takes into account the needs and desires of women who have recently given birth, or have a toddler and need to get back into fitness and having some fun; you will also meet new mums.


You can socialise with other new mums and build up your stamina while increasing your energy levels and confidence. I understand you may have to interupt your workout to settle your baby.


If it’s all too hard to get out you can organize a group of friends and I will come to you.

It’s a great workout, and suited to all women whether you have a baby or not welcome. (or borrow one)


In the cooler months strollercise will be introduced.


Contact me to structure you’re own fitness journey.


"Really enjoying my classes with Eleonora. Just what I need after having my babies. It's nice to do some classes with them playing in playground or playing on the mats. But it's also nice to some days to escape the household for an hour. Love it that each session is never the same and every time feel like I've had a great workout. Highly recommend"


 - Kasie Jo McCooey (Mum)