6 x 9 x 6 Deal

6 Days 

9 Sessions 

For $6



As a good start to your transformation, sign up for the Women’s Fitness For All `6 x 8 x 6 Sale`

$6 for 8 group training sessions, over 6 consecutive days


Your transformation is just around the corner; we travel your journey with you!


Our Highlights

WFFA inspire women to shape up & get healthy by traveling their own journey - minus the gym fees and membership heartache.


WFFA`s comprehensive, and personalised weight loss programs make health and fitness goals achievable for all women from all walks of life.

Our Certified instructors are committed to passing on the right information.

Partake in workout classes that are tailored to you, such as the Mums & Bubs classes… Through PT sessions we also sculpt muscles to create a strong and feminine physique

  • Target your own health and fitness goals with our innovative and encouraging group classes

  • Choose from cardiovascular workouts, high intensity interval training, Boot Camps or Metafit based workouts

  • Try our Mums & Bubs

  • Opt for the classes that suit your needs, or mix them up to target the entire body


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