We stand for and support all women `to travel their own fitness journey`…                      


We’re extremely excited and proud to announce a new partnerships and alliances, where you the members benefit.


`We Invest in those that Invest in You` - We aim to support your well-being, fitness and lifestyle journey by continuing to provide outstanding service but now also through sales and support based on our alliance with highly qualified, industry aware and motivated businesses.


WFFA Encourages Local Prosperity - Do business with our partners - with our community


Become a WFFA member and receive these superb Cairns business services and friendships – mention your membership with us

 WFFA Encourages Local Business & Prosperity





Ask yourself, should we do business with your business can we expect you and the ladies in your office to reciprocate, by signing up for our health & fitness classes?  

Bearing in mind you will also have the opportunity to promote and extend your services within our group and network.